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  • Date of Photo: 2/20/1930
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HOLLY POND HIGHS MASCOT - Excitement galore, on Holly Pond high campus, January 27, 1930. What could it be? That was just the question that was heard from the numerous pupils, patrons and onlookers that gathered in the meadow on this bright cold morning that the seemingly impossible happened. A conspicuous, yet queer bird had appeared. Various names were suggested, namely, crane, crow and lastly, a stork, yet after some-work in the school library, it was identified as a Herring Gull. This bird is white and pearl gray in Its wing measures twenty-four inches. It has web feet on research, a duck is very similar to it, considering size. The Herring Gull is now in captivity here. At night it is kept in the manual arts building. It roams in the meadow during the day. This amusing bird is very sociably inclined. The other day it strolled over to the Davis Hotel. The proprietors were in the act of attempting to kill it when Mr. Buckner, our principal, and you might say hero, appeared on the scene. This bird eats birds, frogs, fish and other inhabitants of the water. A kill deer lost its physical contact with this world as a result of its enormous appetite. Seems it must be very cunning to catch this kind of bird. Friday, February 7, the student body of the high school, adopted the bird as its mascot. The name of Victory was given this bird. The athletic teams of this school expect to have good luck and strive to be victorious in all that is undertaken to do. This article was written by a member of the Sr. II English class at Holly Pond high school.

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