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  • Category: Businesses, Homes
  • Uploaded By: Dan Scott
  • Date of Photo: 1/1/1947
  • Date Uploaded: 12/25/2020
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About this photograph

The above photo was made by Fred Ellard in 1947. He was working in the Gilley Store at that time and walked out in front of the store to make a photo of the new-fallen snow. The house in the foreground was built by Mr. James J. Davis in 1901 and later traded to Mr. Walter Shaw for a Buick Roadster. The most visible store in the photo was constructed by J. J. Davis in 1896 and the additions were added at a later date. There were actually three businesses in the store complex: a store at each end with a third building tying the two together. The J. J. Davis store is shown. The N. J. Crumbley Store was on the opposite end. The building between the two stores served as café, shoe store, barber shop, and other businesses at various times. The door behind the gas pump led up a staircase to the Masonic Lodge. Notice the tree in the photo, probably planted by a son of Mr. Davis. There were originally six or more of the trees transplanted on the property from Lick Creek according to Earney Shaw. The 1930’s Highway Department drawing shows the location of the trees removed from the property for the development of Highway 278 through the Town of Holly Pond. The Davis well was located just to the left of the tree in the photo. The first in-ground gas tank in town was located to the right of the tree, as shown in the photograph. Mr. Davis believed it was too dangerous to locate the tank near the store. Some years later, the tank leaked allowing gasoline to seep into the well. It is reported that considerable entertainment was accomplished by dropping a lighted match into the well around midnight.

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